Talentedge Strategic Performance Management

HR Management in enterprises is undergoing some radical changes. XLRI’s Strategic Performance Management Program, in collaboration with Talentedge, equips the HR professional of today with everything they need to know to drive performance growth in their organization.

The HR professionals of today have a lot on their shoulders. With the advent of technology into their core processes and continuously evolving best practices in the domain, there is an unquestionable need to stay updated with the industry trends and enhance their knowledge in their respective core functions.

Often considered the essential yet secret ingredient in the formula of successful and fast growing enterprises across industries and sectors, performance management is a key driver for high performing and motivated teams within the workforce. Successful organizations today are moving from the traditional annual performance reviews and ratings and rankings. Alliances are being built within team members to foster greater productivity and enhance man-hour efficiency. The complete transformation in human resources departments across organizations is already underway and the best that the aspiring professional can do is to adapt to the new methodologies and knowledge that employers are becoming increasingly aware of.

Talentedge, the leading online education services provider in India, has collaborated with one of the most globally respected institution in Human Resources Management, XLRI, to offer a holistic and industry relevant Certification in Strategic Performance Management for the aspiring HR business partner of today’s progressive enterprise.

Key features of the course include the move away from the regular modular approach into an integrated problem case study with relevant solutions approach. The shift in the approach enables the learner to become a subject matter expert in every component of strategic performance management. Also included are the latest developments in Performance Management tools, including balanced scorecards and Hoshin Matrix, among a host of others. Other related but equally relevant aspects, such as the effect of leadership on performance management, the different employee assessment systems prevalent today as well as the steps in implementing a pay-for-performance strategy for crucial teams within the workforce. Industries across sectors, from services to manufacturing are covered within the scope of this program.


Aimed at Human Resources managers wanting to gain deeper insights into changing trends in personnel management strategies and employee goal setting, the Certification in Strategic performance management program is delivered on Talentedge’s one-of-a-kind digital platform, enabling seamless accessibility and mobility to the users/learners. With a world class pedagogy and a cutting edge technology platform, the Strategic Performance Management Program from XLRI is an absolutely must have tool in today’s ambitious Human Resources Manager’s arsenal. With an aim to transform the functions oriented human resources manager into a superior strategic decision maker, the Strategic Performance Management program from XLRI provides the best in knowledge and structure for the complete human resources manager of tomorrow.