New technology trends have probably affected HR Management across the organization a lot more than we think. 2016 has brought about an advent of new technologies, practices and have certainly affected HR management. New practices and tighter integration of analytics, telecommunications and social media into our personal and professional lives have become a constant phenomenon. Here’s a quick look at the latest trends in HRM across industry leaders, expressed in terms of employee habits.



THE SKILL-ENHANCED EMPLOYEE– Executive Education, Specialized Certification and Continuous Learning is no longer limited to the training and development departments of employers. Employees today are taking the initiatives to broaden their horizons and enhance their professional skills. According to a recent survey by the Financial Times, the executive education market pursued by individuals stood at a staggering $70bn on 2015. As more and more employees realize the value of continuous skill enhancement, this is expected to become an even bigger trend in 2016.


 THE SOCIAL EXPERT EMPLOYEE –  Skill based virtual communities on various social media platforms are all the rage, and not just in but also on other social networks as well. Recruiters and headhunters are moving their talent scouting to these platforms. This kind of on-demand availability is increasingly becoming the norm with employers and for good reason, too. Recruiters now are able to look at the previous posts and updates made by the prospect and assess their technical skills and their behavioural fitment to the organization.


THE BOOMERANG EMPLOYEE– Almost every HR professional worth his salt knows that rehiring an employee is almost two thirds less expensive than hiring new talent. As companies deal with the realities of the new global economy, more and more of them are considering the boomerang employee as an excellent prospect. In fact, some of them have already have standard practices and platforms that enable seamless rehires for almost any employee, and especially the ones high-end technical skills. The emergence of the boomerang employee is one of the most prominent trends in 2016 and is therefore, an inclusion in this list.


THE INDIVIDUALIST EMPLOYEE– Not from the personality point of view, but an accurate representation of how human resources policies of an organization are using big data and analytics to personalize the employment experience for each employee almost in the same way as they do for an online customer. From employee health insurance to organizational learning and development, big data and analytics is changing the way human resources manage their workforce like never before. Industry gurus have also pointed out that policy alterations and even customized food/fitness plans as a part-of- the-compensation are next on the cards.


THE TELECOMMUTING EMPLOYEE– Of all the new trends, this one is probably the most prevalent across sectors and across industries. With collaborative platforms that facilitate remote project management and monitoring, and cloud computing providing remote accessibility and monitoring to pretty much every business function possible, employees are now logging into the workplace, rather than travelling to it. Even time management of contract employees and service providers are being facilitated by management to increase productivity sans the commute.


Do you know any other emerging trends not in this list? Comment on this article with your views and we will include them in out list! Thanks for reading!

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