Project Management Methodologies and Practices are changing rapidly. This article looks at the latest emerging trends in project management that will be prominent in the coming year


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Project management as a profession is undergoing a huge transition at very fundamental levels. The search for increased productivity and efficiency maximization has been constant over the years, and it is likely to gain new grounds as new methodologies and technologies challenge the old and traditional ones. This is likely to push project managers to acquire new, updated skills. The new trends in project management will be more people centric and will bring about an increased collaborative model in a flat hierarchy. Project teams nowadays are focussed on distributed project governance and management methodologies more than ever before. This is expected to play a more prominent role in the coming year, with collaboration becoming the norm. However, the most prominent changes and trends lie elsewhere, as this article will show.

Increased prevalence of Mobility and Telecommuting – the remote team will become the norm rather than the exception in the coming years. With cloud based collaboration platforms and more accessibility to mobile based project applications, telecommuting and remote workplaces will become more popular. Project Managers will need to accommodate and lead the way for teams to adapt to this change.


Risk Management And Agile Methodologies– Risk Management is the watchword for the current year, according to most industry experts. Thought leaders across the board have been emphasizing on the increased acceptance of the agile methodology in project management, which has been on the rise over the past few years. This is aligned with the increased non- hierarchical forms of project management and governance and this trend will play a vital role in the coming year as it becomes more widely accepted.

Most of the project management teams of today consider risk management software a necessary resource. However, the emphasis on its usage as an essential component in the Agile methodology of development will drastically increase in the years to come. The key value to be derived from incorporating risk management is that it provides greater accuracy in forecasts and metrics of project development.


Distributed Leadership – The centralized governance concept of Project Management is fast becoming history. Distributed leadership is emerging as the new favoured trend . In fact, people-centricity over processes had already been gaining ground with the popularity of agile development. This will touch newer heights with the emergence of the innovator and entrepreneur within project teams, as the role of the project governance becomes more decentralized and project leadership becomes more distributed in nature.

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