Get digitally hooked and enjoy the benefits of ‘Online Education’

The scheduling couldn’t be better! Working and studying is no more a difficult task now. The scenario of online education has captured the world by showering its timely benefits and possible advantages. The latest trends showcase that traditional form of education suffers from shortage of trained teachers, and is inconsistent when it comes to content delivery that is often found isolating.In regard to same, the emergence of World Wide Web, online distance learning has added another dimension to the educational sector. Distance learning (online learning) has certainly grabbed attention owing to some of its benefits.

The things that made distance learning a boonare:

Tractability:Distance education provides students and working professionals with flexibility to study anytime and from anywhere. This flexibility allows students and working professionals to pursue different activities and continue their job simultaneously. The extra increment in their degree sections builds bright chances of their promotion.

Productive learning:The most dynamic of all advantages is self-paced learning, where the applicants can easily learn at their own pace. Distance learning programs are designed accordingly, so as to match the lifestyle of busy professionals.

Career Growth: A pronounced way to do study with complete ease that helps you develop your chosen career path at a rapid stride that opens wide career prospects for you.

Opportuneness:Online distance learning courses provide learners with the access to the study 24/7 (with both offline and online doubt clearance classes).

The consistent growth of mobile and broadband market is directly proportional to the growth of instant connectivity era and has enabled masses to consider the option of online education assuredly.

As per the statistics the limitations of infrastructure and regulations work as a catalyst that hampers the burgeoning regulated education sector. However, the unregulated online education sector is predicted to grow to year over year and to gain a massive $40 billion by 2017, double of the current $20 billion. So keeping the regulatory notions in mind, the scope and availability of online educational sector is increasing day by day. The new age Indian professionals don’t have to fly to different states to get education of their choice. Talentedge—one of the India’s fastest growing e-education juncture provides industry standard online certification courses that not only assure you the easy learning but build scope of employability as well.

The need of additional education and skill-sharpening thrives for only one reason, which is career growth. Gaining respective education from any and every institution is of no use until and unless it guarantees you placements and opportunities to job seekers.

As India is a growing manufacturing and IT hub, with a large number of MNC’s shifting base and opening their units in India, demands more and more professionals in various domains. So, to suffice the high mandate of trained and skilled professionals, Talentedge— one of the leading online education providers encircles its verticals of education system to build professionals according to industry standards. ‘Executive Education’, ‘Distance Learning Programs’ and ‘Placement guarantees’ are the USP’s of Talentedge.

The highpoint of competition vividly drives down the prices and raises the quality of online college courses (which are now prevalent in India). The essential criteria on which online education at Talentedge thrives, gives a professional or a student, the ‘online education’ benefits at a class apart.

Umbrella of diversified courses


The ‘Executive-Education’ vertical highlights a diversified range of Management courses that focus on all aspects of skill-learning (courses like: BBA, BCA, MBA, MCA, BAJM, DIT, etc.).

Moreover, making your online education (distance learning) more affordable and accessible, LIVE classroom facility is also provided to the students. Offering you a broad and expanded range of courses, the online education sector focuses on all the aspects of ‘learning’ and ‘employee development’ courses.

Domain expertise, Formal Education, Assessment, Testing, Workforce readiness and Developmental training are the USPs of every distance learning course offered at Talentedge. Making it hassle-free and direct to the students, the leverage on the robust technology infrastructure and rich experience, ensures ‘end to end’ learning and training sessions for working professionals and individuals simultaneously.

On the other hand, in collaboration with the educational brands such as IIFT, MICA and SMU, the online certification/degree programs at our center have more optimal value than of any other online institution. The certification and degree from the real-domain builds a sense of trust and credibility in the concentration.


By strategically partnering with the best universities and training partners, Talentedge brings a ‘Direct to Desktop’ learning system with plethora of strategic courses that are trainings with ease. Accessibility to students for substantially enhancing their employability is increased at Talentedge.

We deliver, what we preach! To measure the industry standards and to regulate the curriculum in a comprehensive way, the online instructions are subject to academic analysis like on-line counseling and offline doubt classes. The three verticals of our compendium are based on ‘Executive Education’, ‘distance learning’ and ‘placement linked networks’.


The ‘direct to desktop’ learning experience gives you the benefits of—

  • Live Video Learning: Learn on the go
  • Robust Social learning Platform: Connect to collaborate
  • Online Assessment: Measure Real time performance, and
  • Job readiness: Get the right fit

Through this online education, learning agenda, we certify to deliver a ‘culture of wisdom’ that meets all the existing and emerging skill requirements of companies. Our expertise seamlessly bring together a customized content, e-learning, testing & assessment under one roof ensuring you better job securities.