Online Learning vs. Classroom Learning

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From good old times to new, reforms in the educational system have objectively revolved around technology, making classroom learning a passé!

Nowadays professional management programmes extend their online education offerings to reach more time-and-place-bound students. The accredited institutions in the same way give out interesting documented teaching and learning via online medium as compared to classroom leaning.

As the technology has taken a greater turn in recognition; ‘e-learning’ method of teaching holds more importance in this age. E-learning offers few challenges and several great opportunities. E-learning provides you flexible time schedule, growth in every aspect and exclusive job opportunities on forefront.

Online learning — the form of Education is growing rapidly day by day!

 The online circle

Online learning is relatively new form of education. Students, through the use of internet can easily study their programmes via new instructional medium. E-learning educates people of all different ages; there are no leaps and bounds in the scheduling system rather online learning creates a momentum of flexible academic scenario.

Keeping the facts in mind, online education system has been in vogue since 20 years as now. This method has now been adapted on primary level, as well as on secondary level. Almost every third educational institution gives you the freedom of online learning but ‘Talentedge’ — pioneer of this arena not only strives to give you best online education but provides ‘Live video’ learning sessions with uniformity of lecture content and interactive sessions with faculty. It is easily accessed anywhere and anytime; the website is mobile friendly and gives a secure online learning environment.

Now you don’t have to depend on the level of interaction in a classroom setting. It has limited the individual learning differences between students. Classroom environment tends to group students together in large number often making it difficult for instructors to isolate learning deficiencies and provide the necessary close attention.But online education gives attention to all the individuals.

Online classes allow for a more individual perspective from the professors standpoint due to most of the communication being easily handled through email, chat and live video sessions. Moreover, you cannot neglect problem solving, critical thinking, and higher order learning skills that were neglected in classroom studies.


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The versatile learning platform of Talentedge gives you the real time performance measuring tools with a credible and tested online platform. We not only believe in providing you industry specific education butmaximum job opportunities, which ensure that you get a correct fit!

Our collaboration with India’s best institutions makes our level of teaching reach zenith. We hold affiliated and certified courses from various renowned universities like: SMU, IIFT, MICA and etc.

Our overall learning experience is Flexible, Convenient and Effective —

  • Learn from anywhere, even when you are on the move!
  • Learn at your own pace through recorded sessions.
  • Learn on demand through web based training and assignments
  • Learn without commuting and save on time and travel costs
  • Learn without investing in any expensive software
  • Eliminate cost on infrastructure investment
  • Reduced maintenance expense
  • Centralized virtual access for employee training
  • Secured and monitored virtual environment


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The expansion of the Internet has included a rapid development in the online educational medium. Now college classes and programmes are run at a pace with online programmes. Students and working professionals are now at ease with the total course conduct. Talentedge caters to numerous options that supplement classroom learning with a better technology and provide several Graduation, PG, diplomacourses (certified courses).