Developing an interest in the market of foreign trade and business isn’t a game. Business involves strategic thinking, calculated trade interactions and intellectual capabilities. Making money is an art and influencing your client to buy your product or services is a ‘good business’. So, do you believe in this smart way of doing business? Are you the kind of professional who believes in selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo? Oh yes, an Eskimo!

From the sound of it, this might appear fairly simple but let’s face it! The‘global economies are experiencing some of its most interesting times as businesses are undergoing a glasnost with the ever changing regulatory and policy regimes. The appeal constantly reinvents the professional skills to give your career a push.

Business now is not about selling a ‘product’; however, it has acquired a whole new dimension that brings you out of your comfort zone. Providing you a type of broader perspective, Talentedge and the respective courses offered help you to perform as an efficient manager.

The recent ‘global skill reports’ reiterate that in the coming years similar to IT industry, the Indian Business Management professionals shall be looked upon to acquire major positions in global companies as they exhibit strong management fundamentals, qualitative skill set and an ability to perform well in the global competitiveness.

Reflecting on the trend, it isn’t surprising that some of the world’s top companies have Indian professionals at the helm in their management. It is believed that in the near future global economies will be intertwined in ways that could not have been imagined. Moreover, the imperative for organizations to constantly monitor trends in the external environment, embraces technology. With the anticipated growth rate of India likely to recover to 5.4 %, it is authoritative for professionals to harness their skill set in such a way that makes them recession proof.

So, if you are an entrepreneur currently engaged in or aspiring to engage in business opportunities with countries outside India, working as professional and seeking to prepare yourself for managerial or larger positions; then persuasion of ‘Post Graduate Certification Course from IIFT can importantly be a smart move.

Set up in 1963 as an autonomous professional body by the Government of India, IIFT is a leader in Management Degrees and is currently rated among Top 10-B Schools in India. The virtual course is imparted through the Direct to Desktop interactive technology of Talentedge, the unique e-platform facilitates learning through LIVE classes held by eminent faculty while giving students the flexibility to learn virtually from anywhere. This fully virtual course not only promotes ‘anywhere and anytime learning’, but also provides an interactive learning experience better than an ordinary classroom.We provide you with an opportunity to interact with the faculty, real time during your ‘3 days’ of IIFT campus visits.

Our customized course includes dedicated modules on Business Economics, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Business Strategy, Global Business Environment and International Trade Logistics, and Documentation to provide operational knowledge primarily on Management grounds and develops a profound understanding of the framework within International Businesses Operations.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and accelerate your camber of learning with Talentedge’s IIFT PG Certification Course.

We, at Talentedge, ensure to deliver you all the aspects of online-learning to shape your future.

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