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 The last three years have seen the global event management industry undergo several radical transformations. What will the new required skillsets of Event Managers be, in the new year?



Event Managers are a constantly engaged lot. When they are not acquiring new skills to upgrade their knowledge and expertise, they are searching for the next big thing in their field. There is absolutely no doubt, going by the events industry news and analysis, that the skills that make a successful event manager has changed drastically in the last three years.

There was a time when designing, promoting and managing an event was based solely to maximize the brand promotion and visibility of the sponsor. It was more about the marketing efforts of the sponsor than the preferences of the audience that held sway. Social networking changed that forever. Similarly, the audience experience has become one of the key drivers in the planning and design of events in the recent past.

So, what are the industry leaders forecasting as the latest trends as the millenials become the active target segment for most events? Here’s a quick look at the emerging trends that are becoming the new norm in the event management industry across the world:


Eco Friendliness- The New Normal

As the world goes increasingly digital, one of the key components that used to be ubiquitous in corporate events is becoming history. The age of bulky folders, registration packs, identification badges and other paraphernalia is fast becoming history as event managers across the world increasingly adopt technology to manage the audience experience and identification formalities, using smartphone apps and RFID tags. Going green is the new normal now, not just a fancy caption. This trend is certainly here to stay.


Participation> Physical Presence

The popularity of virtual participation seems to be never ending and all pervasive. Boundaries and distances are being made irrelevant by the corporate event managers of today. Thought leaders, influencers, and industry experts communicate seamlessly with large groups and delegates anywhere in the world. Attendees are not only participants, they are also promoters in digital media, with live microblogging. This trend is only expected to grow with user based live streaming apps gaining rapid popularity.


Experiential Marketing and Immersive Branding

Technology and Social Media have put the audience at the forefront at events, over brands and sponsors. Event Managers of today are more focused on experiential marketing- providing a holistic user experience to the audience, with the underlying corporate and brand philosophy to promote the sponsors. Consistent theming of the entire event design has taken precedence over the mere handing out of printed materials.


Social Community based Continuity

Events today are no longer about the gathering of audience members in one place. Entire social communities are built around them and the opinion and feedback of one participant rapidly spreads to the others. This continuity, has been one of the most significant developments in the recent times, according to industry experts and is only set to grow as attendees and participants increasingly interact with each other outside of the event venue as well.



Another technology driven trend is the inclusion of Analytics into event management. Real time analysis of participant behavior, surveys and registrations and feedback within seconds of gathering, will enable event managers to pivot the event design wherever required. While this trend is still in its nascent stage, it is expected that this will be a big disruptor in the near future.


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