“I was working on my project via Gmail and suddenly the email id crashed. I tried to log in several times, but it said — ‘Username or password’ incorrect!”

Wait! Yes, you read it correct!

Did you have ever faced this problem? If No, then imagine what if one day your email id, Facebook profile or any other social media profile gets crashed?Don’t Worry! This is just a hypothetical situation, as the gigantic technology specialists won’t leave any loopholes. But what if it actually transpires? Now this is the matter of concern!

Let’s go back in the history, in 1990, a Los Angeles area radio station announced a contest which awarded a ‘Porsche 944S2’ for the 102ndcaller. ‘Kevin Poulsen’ a citizen of Los Angeles took control of the entire city’s telephone network (hacked telephone lines), and ensured he makes the 102nd call.

He was able to hack all the broadcasters, which then brought him what he exactly wanted. He became the 102nd caller and took away the Porsche beauty. But due to unethical hacking at that time, he was arrested later that year and sentenced to three years in prison.

Hacking, in earlier times was not legal, but a crime! Wherein, now hacking has taken a new disguise, as organizations and IT-enabled field use it for commercial purposes and to safeguard their secret data.


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What is ethical hacking?

When a hacker is usually employed by an organization (who trusts him or her to attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems, using the same methods) for the purpose of finding and fixing computer security vulnerabilities, is called ethical hacking.

On the other hand gaining an access to unauthorized hackingis a crime in most of the countries, but penetration testing done by request of the owner, is not!

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We all know that the demand for cyber security experts is rising at a tremendous rate all over the globe. If we look upon the facts, India lost USD 8 billion in 2011 to cyber crime. So, to intersect the ethical hacking and save cyber crime rate, the internet penetration has been legally transfused in the country.

As the demand rises, the supply also goes up. But here, in Indian market ethical hacking experts are just 22,000 in numbers. With the need of the professionals, the demand is raising day by day, as per NASSCOM report, Indian needs over 4 lakh professionals in this field of virtuous hacking.

India has developed rapidly to the IT sector/services globally but the skills in the area of information security have always lagged behind. While keeping the fact of growing e-commerce, e-banking and financial services, telecom, IT, and IT-enabled services in mind, ethical hackers today are the need of the hour.

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