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Data Science has been hailed as the hottest career in the new decade. But what exactly do data scientists do? Do they live up to the hype? Here is a real life example of  how data science analyzed an important trait of Computer Students across the world


We’ve heard the phrase, we know what the gurus say and we know that it is the most sought after skill and specialized education of the 21st century computing world. But what is Big Data in particular? Can Data Scientists really pull rabbits out of the proverbial hats and drive success in organizations? The explosion of online data, in an increasingly interconnected world. From behavioral patterns analysis to natural language processing, the explosion of data in today’s world has led to

Just how much data is out there? Here’s a look at some examples as per the now famous “Data Never Sleeps” Infographic originally posted by DOMO.


As of 2014, in every minute:

  • Youtube Users share 72 hours of video
  • Google receives over 4 million search queries
  • Tinder Users swipe more than four hundred and ten thousand times
  • Skype Users connect for 23, 300 hours
  • Whatsapp users share more than three hundred and forty thousand photos
  • Apple user download forty eight thousand apps
  • Facebook users share two million and four hundred and sixty thousand pieces of content

With increasing popularity, different sectors have gained tremendously by implementing data science projects and programs for their needs. Here’s a look at a real life case study where data science and .



The Objective

The most popular social networking site in the world also has the most number of users in the high school and college student age bracket. The objective of the analysis was to investigate the patterns of usage of the students as well as the preferred Facebook tools for students in order of usage, and whether academics could be integrated into the student’s Facebook experience. This study was facilitated by global academic publishing giant Elsevier.


The Analysis

Volunteer undergraduate students studying Computer Science across different universities and institutions were enlisted for the research. The gender ratio of the students was 71% male and 29% female.

The data was collected by sending the volunteers an online survey questionnaire by the researchers. The survey consisted of two sections as follows:

  1. Demographic Data and daily Facebook spend data.
  2. Preferred Facebook tools as per the usage habits of students.



The data was collected using the above mentioned scale. The researchers then used the R statistical software to accurately clean, structure and analyze the data. This was done using several versions of R Studio Packages.  The statistical computations using R included percentages, frequency and mean computational analysis techniques.


  • Facebook Usage Locations

A very brief summary of research analysis showed that 29% of the users used Facebook at home, while 22% used it on their mobile, followed by 17% at their University labs, etc.

  • Facebook Usage Durations

The research also shed light on the duration of an average Facebook session among students. The majority, at 32%, spent more than 4 hours everyday, followed by 28% using Facebook for around 2 hours, and 16% using it for around 3 hours every day and finally 24% using it for around 1 hour

  • Preferred Facebook Tools

The research showed that the most popular Facebook tool used by the study groups was Facebook Messenger with a mean of 3.73, with the same value as Facebook Chat at 3.73, followed by Friends Suggestions at 3.70, Links at 3.58, News at 3.52 and Photos at 3.24 on the mean of 4.


These were just some of the insights that the research provided the educators, who are now on the way to integrating current lessons and education in the online social experience of their students. Just one of the many examples where data science helped make important and significant decisions in progress.

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